Wednesday, June 23, 2010

13U Nationals Preview: Memphis Here We Come!

Can Team Final Get The Crown?

The Top 13U teams in the country will head to Memphis for the AAU 13U National Championships. Several teams from our region and Top 10 rankings will be taking the trip. Here’s a breakdown of the squads heading down and what their chances are of bringing home the crown.

13U Nationals Preview

Team Final: This squad has held the top spot for nearly two years and can run the table in Memphis. They have the guard play and post presence to get it done. The question is going to be if they can get some scoring from the bench.

The City: They definitely have the length to get the job done especially when they are fully loaded. Scoring shouldn’t be a problem but they might need another ball handler to free up Wolfie and Mike Williams.

KYDA: I heard they added another guard as I suggested, now I think these boys should be ready to go. Their guards will have to be ready to score often and also pumped the ball inside to their bigs.

Team Rebels: This pesky bunch has a chance to surprise a few teams out in Memphis. They will have to play disciplined basketball and control their emotions on the floor.

NJ Got Game: NJGG focus will have to be on the defensive side. If their guards can patrol the perimeter and contain penetration they should do all right. They are a battle tested bunch and that should help.

Philly Aztecs: Aztecs are no longer a secret and will have to bring their game every night. I think their tough scheduling this year should give them a shot to knock a few teams off.

Linden Ballers: Tha Ballers have played strong all season. Now as they make this trip they need to remember where their success came from. Playing strong defense and running their sets.

King Street Kings: I haven’t seen this group together but they do have some familiar faces. Their true test will be in the chemistry area. Can they jell in time to make an impact? We will see.

NJ Triple Threat: This squad has some serious talent on the low. But they will have to show that they are ready for this type of event. Sometimes this atmosphere can be a little too much but they should be okay.

SJ Blitz: The SJ Blitz have the weapons offensively to knockoff anyone. Their test will be playing tougher defense and hitting the glass. They will need to do both very well for them to get some wins.

Long Island Lightning: The Lightning have the pieces to make a little run. I like the heart they showed in the MDC and think they should have a decent showing in Memphis.

Peacemakers: This is a scrappy bunch that plays hard whistle to whistle. Any team that sleeps on them might leave with the loss.