Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosley (Delaware) Entry # 21

Hey world it’s your boy Champ. It has been a while since I have written, so let me catch you up and then move into my week. Memorial weekend we played at the Big Shots tournament in Richmond VA. We did well that weekend losing in the 15U Championship to DC Team Takeover in a good game. On the way to the finals we beat VBC out of Boston, Triple Threat, and our own DC Assault 15U Blue team. We played another team but I can’t remember their name, but those games mentioned above were all good games. The next weekend our team took off because a lot of my teammates started their high school summer league games. Most of the guys on my team have chosen schools in the famed WCAC league Dematha, Oconnell, and St Johns to name a few. While they were playing I was working at The Tri-State Invitational in Dover DE where I got a chance to see some of the prospects that were posted on this site last week. Ok now that you are caught up lets look at this week in the life of an 8th grade baller. This week was a good week.

Monday the week started with a good workout with my man Mike who always calls me a scrub but makes me work hard to prove him wrong. Mike don’t forget about that 3 point shooting contest holla back at the young boy when you ready. We worked on some agility, skills, shooting and dribbling which was cool. As usual we finished with some scrimmaging.

Tuesday was really cool as I got invited to get a workout in on a shooting machine. That machine is good as it just keeps the ball coming. They can make them come fast or slow but they coming and you can really get a good stroke going without worrying about shagging balls. We shot for about an hour and a half before a team came in the gym to practice for their tournament this weekend.

Wednesday I got to see my Uncle Denny from New York. My Dad and me invited to gym with us for our workout and he was their talking trash as I worked hard on dribbling and shooting that afternoon. After we left the gym I went to my brothers practice and I decided I could use the extra work and did my second workout of the day with them.

Thursday was great as it started at 8am with my graduation from the eighth grade. I want to give a shot out to all my friends at Central Middle School. When my teacher called my name I felt all the love as everyone started yelling and shouting… and the girls started screaming for me. We went to my grandmother’s house and had a party for my sister and I because we both graduated that day. She will be going to Central next year. It was a good day.

Saturday afternoon we had our first game of the MIT tournament against the VA Warriors, It was a close game but we pulled it out in the end against a solid team. That nigh we had to play the Northeast Sting out of Philly and they were tough it was a close game until the end. But we only had six players that night and two players fouled out with over 3 minutes on the clock, which left us with four players against five and we lost that game.

Sunday morning 8am we faced off against the #1 team in the country Houston Select. In that game we played really well but in the end we missed some crucial free throws that would have clinched the game. They got the ball with 8 seconds on the clock and a kid hit a deep three to beat us at the buzzer. Sunday night 8pm my High School team played in our first summer league game against Sussex Tech. Obviously I didn’t start so I came off the bench a little cold in the first half trying to catch up to the speed of the game, but in the second half I got it going and hit a couple 3’s a pull up jumper and got out on a couple of breaks and finished with 12 points. I am pleased with those results and looking forward to our next game.

Well that’s the week of an eighth grade basketball player and what a week it was. Stay tuned as we head up to New York this weekend. Champ Out!!!