Monday, June 21, 2010

AGame Super Shootout 14U Recap: Team Rebels Hold On For Crown

Team Rebels Get It Done!

Montez Weathers led the scoring attack as Team Rebels held off Albany Dream Team 54-48 to win the AGame Super Shootout 14U title. Tyrell Ramsey had a good showing for ADT.

Top Performers

Montez Weathers Guard (Team Rebels)- Weathers is a sharp shooter especially from the corners. He made ADT pay every time they left him open or forgot to rotate. I need to see him put the rock on the floor a little more and shoot off the dribble. On the high school level he will need to expand his game in those areas.

Dennis White Forward (Team Rebels)- White patrolled the middle like a security guard. He rejected shots on a regular basis and beat the opposition to the glass. Offensively he needs to work on putting together moves and extending his shooting range to at least the foul line area.

Ethan Ridgeway Guard (Team Rebels)- Ridgeway made some good plays running the point but also got himself in trouble trying to dribble through the pressure. All in all I like the endurance he showed playing a lot of minutes as the primary ball handler under very hot gym temperatures.

Tyrell Ramsey Guard (Albany Dream Team)- The southpaw doesn’t have much flash but plays with a lot of substance. He showed a full barrage of moves. He converted off dribble drives while also sticking the mid ranger and dropping floaters. I also like the way Ramsey moves his feet on defense.

Jizziah Carr Guard (Albany Dream Team)- Carr ran the floor well and filled the lane before finishing. In the half court set he plays the role of a slasher and shows a good nose for the ball. He’s also another ADT player that goes hard on the defensive end.

Juwan Gooding Guard (Albany Dream Team)- Gooding just ran out of bullets in the finals. Playing two age groups and being one of the main options on both finally caught up with the youngster. He still went hard in transition but you could see the fatigue in his legs on jump shots and finishes in the lane. Under the playing conditions this was expected in my eyes.