Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Ballers Everywhere

Tyresse Whitaker (Gauchos)

The last two weeks I had a chance to come across some talented Baby Ballers. Here’s a look at some of the top Baby Ballers I saw at the MDC and Tri-State Invitational.

Top Baby Ballers

Tyresse Whitaker Guard (Gauchos)- Whitaker has a gamers personality on the floor. He’s very vocal and handles the pill with the best of them. Whitaker is strong enough to take over the game on this level. Finally, he already has the NY point guard swagger.

Jalen Lecque Guard (Gauchos)- Jalen has some special talent. He shook a couple of defenders before reached pay dirt at the bucket. I like the form he has one his shot and his ability to make plays for him and his teammates.

Atiba Taylor Forward (Gauchos)- Taylor was a defensive wizard inside. He is a constant shot blocker and rebounder inside. On the offensive end he scores well on the blocks and along the baseline.

Judah Mcintyre Guard (Fastbreak Basketball)- Judah has some game with him. I was amazed that he had enough strength to hit step back deep treys off the dribble. He has a special basketball IQ and can direct traffic better than some older point guards. You really have to see this kid run a squad.

Cole Anthony Forward (Fastbreak Basketball)- Anthony patrolled the paint and made things happen in their loss to the Choz. He has good touch for his age and rebounds the ball well. Keep an eye on this kid.

Jade Tse Guard (Long Island Lightning)- Tse had his outside falling in the finals of the Tri-State Invitational. He knocked down a couple of trey balls and displayed some smooth ball handling. He has a little Mike Bibby type of game.

Marcus Hammond Guard (Long Island Lightning)- Hammond is the magician handling the rock and getting past the defense. The Chester Biddies had no answer for his dribble drives and crossover moves.

John Rodriquez Forward (Long Island Lightning)- Rodriquez did the job in the paint for LIL. He bounced defenders around while snatching rebounds and getting put backs. He has a soft touch and knows how to use the glass well.