Friday, June 4, 2010

Inside The MDC 13U: Team Takeover Snatches Gold Ball!

Inside The MDC 13U

Team Takeover Gets Over The Hump!

They say three is a charm but I think Team Takeover prefers the number four. On their fourth trip to the Basketball Spotlight tournaments they finally took home the crown. The road to the title wasn’t easy as they got through a brutal pool and defeated NJ Champs KYDA by one point twice. Shouts out to the PV boys for taking the Gold Ball down 95 South see you guys soon.

KYDA Alive And Well

The buzz before the MDC was the apparent breakup of NJ State Champs KYDA but from the looks of things they were ready to go at the MDC. I like the size they added with Bobby Martin Jr. and when Manny Taylor gets healthy they will be a team to reckon with. In the backcourt adding one guard for depth also seems to be a good idea. All in all being one point away from winning the Gold Ball was definitely a good look for team that was supposed to be finished.

13U MDC All Tournament Team

Jabari Greenwood (Team Takeover)- Mr. Memorial Day
Bryant Crawford (Team Takeover)
Tonny Blackwell (Team Takeover)
Bobby Martin Jr. (KYDA)
Chris Atkinson (KYDA)
Bryce Aiken (KYDA)
Temple Gibbs (KYDA)
Rick Deberry (Richmond Phenom)
Curt Jones (Richmond Phenom)
Jonathan Williams (Richmond Phenom)
Gianni Ford (Long Island Lightning)
Jamel Whitehead (Long Island Lightning)
Aaron Lee (Long Island Lightning)
Trey Lowe (NJ Got Game)
Robbie Hooks (Kingdom Elite)
Kwame Morton (Kingdom Elite)
Isaiah Brown (NJ Shore Shots)
George Elgoul (NJ Shore Shots)
Jamel Bell (Brooklyn Ballers)
Juwan Dolbrice (Linden Ballers)
Jack Laffy (JS Devils)