Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Jalen "Young One" Henriquez (New Jersey) Entry #24

Hello Basketball World,

As you can see I am off the crutches, but I’m wearing a brace keeping me out of uniform. Last weekend my team was out in Baltimore. We were at the Charm City tournament. I went out there on the crutches to support my team, and also my little brother that is now a gym rat. I had to go down there a little early because of my brothers game, he is turning 9 playing 10u so some games are more challenging for him. This was an elite tourney so all the games were tough. They opened up against a good team from Carolina and lost by 1 on a buzzer beater miss that rimed out by his team, this was a great game and a great learning experience for him. My team was very short this weekend; we only had 7 guys because of many different reasons. We didn’t have height but what we definitely did have was heart. My team played extremely hard all weekend long. The first day they went one and one, on day two they won two more, one being a tough semi final game, but they made it to the finals. When the championship game actually begun it was like a different team out there, I mean that in a negative way, they were playing as if they didn’t want to be there with no fire and lost big. This was a disappointing loss to end our season, which in all was not good. But hey, that’s the past and we just have to come back strong.

Since June 3rd when I tour ligaments in my ankle and I have been just thinking about everything, especially missing the game very much. I also think I have different perspective just in general on the game, after being out for this long. Its also hard being at home away from the game with all of my friends outside being that I can’t do anything. But some of my teammates have stopped my and hung out. This week Thursday was very tough for me, because it was June 24 the day that my dad and I were supposed to go to San Diego to the Adidas Phenom Camp. Even though we would have missed my sister’s birthday that camp would have been a great experience. On a positive note the NBA draft was Thursday, it’s cool so see all those guys who work so hard achieve their dreams, especially cause I share the same dreams and aspire to be where they are. Also the fact that every thing in life happens for a reason, this injury has help me understand just how much of a gift being able to play is, it has given me a chance to rest, and most important has made me hungrier in my work ethic. I want to say happy birthday to my little sister Lani that will be 2 on June 27th and a welcome to my other sister Nyla that came into this world June 17. I can’t wait to get back on to the hardwood and when I do it will be with my high school team, next week I will announce where I will be going to high school next year.

Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. –Gilda Radner

Young One Out…