Friday, March 14, 2014

What Did We Learn At The DMV Takeover?

The Basketball Spotlight DMV Takeover gave us a great view into the grammar school hoop world of the DC and Maryland area. Here are a few things we learned during our first event. 

What Did We Learn At The DMV Takeover?

1. Team Takeover Dominance!
Since the off the court situation with DC Assault, Team Takeover has positioned themselves top to bottom as the premier club in the area and this was evident at the DMV Takeover. Six of their seven teams made it to the finals with four clubs actually bringing home the title. It was an impressive weekend for the flagship program.

2. DC/Baltimore Border War! 
This was my first experience of the DC/Baltimore border war. I’ve heard different stories and saw TV shows like The Wire but this was my first time seeing it in action. The games between these two groups were very intense and even required my full attention. It definitely brought another level of excitement to the event.

3. New 24= Good Look! 
I must say this was my first event at the 10 court New 24 facility and I was impressed. The games were packed and as the level of play escalated the environment grew more intense. On day 2 the yells and cheering from around the venue was something to hear. Can’t wait until next year.

4. Mistaken Identity! 
This event was entitled the DMV Takeover because Basketball Spotlight intended on taking over the DMV area for one weekend. Understandably, it was confused as a joint venture with Team Takeover organization which was not the case. So to clear things up moving forward we decided to rename this event the “DMV Jamboree”. See you guys next year!

NEXT STOP: High Point, NC for the CP3 Invitational. Check back for wall to wall coverage!