Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In The Spotlight: Noah Charles (Team Glory)

Name: Noah Charles 

AAU Team: Team Glory 

Position: Wing Forward 

Class: 2021 

Analysis: If Zion Harmon is Batman, Noah Charles would be his Robin. Charles is a silky smooth wing that may not jump out at you while you watch - but check the score book and you will see his imprint on every game. Charles helped to lead Team Glory to the championship with dead eye marksmanship from behind the arch. Charles is a shooter whose stroke is a joy to watch; added scoring punch and a sturdy calming hand when it was needed most. An underrated ball handler he is able to penetrate just like an elusive guard but with his length can finish over bigger opponents with ease. Running one of the most sophisticated offenses we have seen at this level plus being well seasoned with national championship experience Charles showed all weekend why he and his teammates continue to rise to the top in champion situations.