Friday, March 21, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Introducing Keewee Wyatt (Class 2020)

Ketann "Keewee" Wyatt

Wyatt out of Ohio is a true pass first point guard that has good strength for his size. He pushes the ball on the break, his speed is his calling card and he has plenty of it, all while showing an uncanny ability to get to the rim. He constantly probes the defense and penetrates looking for openings to make a play for himself or teammates, often easily knifing through to find open spot up shooters or cutters – his vision is a pleasure to watch. Ketann can also breakdown his opponent with an array of off the dribble moves with purpose. Has a killer crossover in his arsenal that makes the crowd go crazy. A one man press break with an edge, takes great care of the ball and isn't too risky with his passes, though many players wouldn’t see or even attempt passes he makes look easy. Wyatt actually has the potential to be one of the top scoring point guards in the future, but with his current pass first mentality is a refreshing player to watch. 

A coach’s son who is being taught to think the game first regularly plays with player 3 years his senior as method of his growth and training. Physically he has a basketball frame with excellent length – far from a finished product which isn’t good for his future competition. If this player isn’t on your list of players to watch he will be; but for experts we see his star potential right now.