Monday, March 3, 2014

One On One Feat. Donovan Toatley (Team Takeover)

Donovan Toatley has been known as a ball handling wizard and big time playmaker for years on the AAU Circuit. He gave us some great moments during his Spotlight tenure and will be one of the stars as we make our first appearance in Maryland as the DMV Takeover. We decided to sit down and talk to the Team Takeover point guard.

One on One Feat. Donovan Toatley

BS: You have had a prosperous AAU career has a grammar school player, what’s your fondest memory?
DT: My fondest memory from my basketball career so far is the game against DC Assault, I scored 42 points in a single outing.

BS: Early on you were with DC Assault and then you seemed to find a home with Team Takeover, what do you like the most about the Takeover organization?
DT: The things that I like and enjoy most about the Takeover organization is of course the free Nike apparel and shoes, but the family environment that the organization represents to each and every athlete. Also Takeover isn't just concerned with on the court abilities but they're also concerned with off the court things such as school, or preparation for interviews being in the front of the camera.

BS: You played against some of the top players around the country, who would you say was the best you faced?
DT: The best players I competed against are Jahvon Quinerly, Ja'Quaye James, and Tre Wood my Takeover teammate. Those three guards are the best I played so far because there savvy with the ball, have great ball handling, terrific vision, lighting face, can get to the bucket and shoot and on top of all those great attributes they have a tremendously high basketball IQ.

BS: If you could wake up tomorrow in any college in the country, which would you select and why?
DT: The college I would pick if I had the chance to wake up tomorrow is either Syracuse, Miami or Maryland because I like the way their head coaches do their job; What I mean by that is if there a player that can get a bucket they let them do that. Also those coaches are player coaches that coach to their player’s strengths and weakness, unlike Coach K that is a system coach that runs plays all game.

BS: You basically grew up playing in the Spotlight circuit, what do you enjoy most about our events?
DT: The things I enjoy about the Spotlight circuit is the exposure that comes with the game and the pack stands and the great competition the circuit brings.

BS: What do you feel are the strong points of your game?
DT: The strong points of my game is my ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, and the will not lose.

BS: What part of your game needs the most developing?
DT: The things of my game that need most improving is my shot selection sometimes and in big games or when my team is down, not feeling like I have to get my team out of this deficit by myself. Also I have to learn to control my emotions and talking trash with a smile on my face.

BS: Coach Stevens has been known as a great coach especially for guards, what have you learned since playing for him?
DT: The thing I learned from Keith Stevens is how to play and take pride in defense every single game and being more of a vocal point guard.

BS: Where do you see yourself as compared to the other top point guards in the Class of 2018?
DT: I see myself as a top 5 point guard in Class of 2018.

BS: Give me one word to describe Basketball Spotlight.
DT: Great!