Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NYBL 7th Grade Best Of The Best & Top 15 Player Performance Rankings

Rowan Barrett Was The Top Prospect 

The 7th Grade NYBL is loaded with top players. Here’s the 7th Grade Best Of The Best and Top 15 Player Performance Rankings. 

NYBL 7th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Prospect: Rowan Barrett (Brampton Warriors) 
Barrett made a splash and seems to be following the line of recent Canadian young stars. We expect his name to ring bells for years to come. 

Best Performer: Jordan Mitchell (All Ohio Red) 
Mitchell did damage this weekend as All Ohio Red went 5-0. His game has a lot more substance than it does flash. 

Best Floor General: Diablo Stewart (Lexington Hustle) 
The point guard from the Blue Grass State gave me a show when I watched him operate. He surveyed the floor like a surgeon and did anything he wanted. 

Best Passer:  Jeremiah Francis (All Ohio Red) 
Francis enjoys dropping dimes to his cutting teammates. He also will add some mustard to his passes in the fashion of the no-look. 

Best Shooter: Chris Harris (Texas Express) 
Harris jump shot was wet from the perimeter and his range was out of this world. He can either stroke off the dribble or after catching the rock behind the 3 point line. 

Best Defender: Nobal Days (Butler Elite) 
Days was a shot blocking machine during the weekend. When he wasn’t blocking shots be was altering them which helped his team start the fast break. 

Best Playmaker: Scottie Lewis (Team RIO National) 
Lewis made plays on both ends of the floor including block shots and steals. On the offensive end he showed his above the rim prowess and rebounding ability. 

NYBL 7th Grade Top 15 Performance Rankings 
1. Jordan Mitchell (All Ohio Red) 
2. Rowan Barrett (Brampton Warriors) 
3. Scottie Lewis (Team RIO National) 
4. Nobal Days (Butler Elite) 
5. Michael Christmas (Academy Prep) 
6. Juwan Gary (SC Hornets) 
7. Diablo Stewart (Lexington Hustle) 
8. Chris Harris (Texas Express) 
9. Ahmadu Sarnor (Team Rio National) 
10. Jeremiah Francis (All Ohio Red) 
11. BJ Mack (Team United) 
12. Chris Hinton (Reach Higher Kings) 
13. Mikeal Jones (Team Rio National) 
14. Sydney Curry (George Hill All Stars) 
15. Bryan Antoine (Team RIO National)