Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NYBL 6th Grade Best Of The Best & Top 10 Player Performance Rankings

Jason Harris Was The Best Prospect In This Division!

The 6th Grade Division of the NYBL was a treat to watch and very competitive. Here are the Best of the Best of the 2020 Class and the Top 10 Player Performance Rankings. 

NYBL 6th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Prospect:  Jason Harris (West Coast All Stars) 
Harris will definitely be one to watch down the road. He should reach about 6’8 and be a top notch recruit. Remember this name! 

Best Performer: Shemar Morrow (Oakland Soldiers) 
Morrow 53 point outburst combined with his stellar play throughout the weekend got him the nod in this category. This kid is a scoring machine. 

Best Floor General: Jordan McPhatter (CBC Elite) 
McPhatter can give it to you by scoring or running the club. He was one of the pleasant surprises I saw down in Maryland. 

Best Passer:  Tyrone Washington (West Coast All Stars) 
I like the way this kid sees the floor. He had two scoring machines in Jason Harris and Paris Dawson and made sure they were happy. He delivered the rock on time. 

Best Shooter Trey Patterson (Team National) 
Patterson showed he had good range and accuracy. His size let him get his shot off over most defenders. 

Best Defender Kendell Munson (Oakland Soldiers) 
The post player for the California team is tough on the blocks in terms of playing defense and rebounding. 

NYBL 6th Grade Top 10 Performance Rankings 
1. Shemar Morrow (Oakland Soldiers) 
2. Jason Harris (West Coast All Stars) 
3. Kyree Walker (Oakland Soldiers) 
4. Zion Harmon (Team Glory) 
5. Trey Patterson (Team Nation) 
6. Jordan Toles (Banneker Kings) 
7. Paris Dawson (West Coast All Stars) 
8. Josiah Hardy (Leesburg Basketball Club) 
9. Hobby Ross (Carolina Kings) 
10. Mike Sumners (DC Premier)