Monday, March 31, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Ja'Quaye James (Englewood, NJ) Entry #6

The Grind

Aye world wassup, 

This Ja'Quaye James aka Guwop and I'm signing on. This week was what my pops and I would call "Old School" it was a slow grind it out week. Not a lot of actual game time work, but all blood, sweat and tears on the hardwood. I worked out every single day this week, and on Wednesday I got two in, and I loved every minute of it. Getting better is a MUST and it's something I look forward to doing day in and day out. Also, thanks to everyone that takes the time out to help me get better and work on my game. It means a lot to me. Between working out and working on my game and practicing with the older kids, I didn't really have a lot of chill time, but that's cool. It will be worth it, at least for me!!! 

Playing up is one of the goals I set for myself this year and I'm glad to let you'll know I'm moving up, I've went to a few practices and feel I will have a key role on this team as well, as long as I stay focused and put the work in. The speed of the game on this level is faster than I expected but nothing, I don't feel I can't handle it right away. Our practices have been crazy and intensive. All month since the High School season ended we have kicked into gear. All coaches in the gym, we even had our guy Jim (PLAYAZ Director) in the gym. He is usually there but just chilling, don't say much, but he has been there and been on us, LOL. I like that though, it keeps us on our toes. So right now we all at it, it's been wars in the gym...everybody looking for minutes, and practice is where they are earned, "I'm with it." 

This week I also had a really good talk with my pops about my High School situation. Even though I got no closer on making a decision, I did get to hear my pops feelings on it and he heard mines, so I think we at least both feel the same way about the type of situation and direction we want the High School to be going in. Starting with my education first. With my week finally coming to a close I finally got some game time work. I was invited by my man and my pops good friend Dave aka Mr. ChaChing himself. HAHAHAHAHA I was hyped all week because all the top kids from all over came out and played. Those "Books and Ball" showcase games be crazy, and Dave I need three shirts for this plug in, nah I'm playing LoL, but the games were crazy, I always have fun at them joints. All the heavy hitters came out to go at it. U KNOW PLAYAZFAM turned up. Me, Trey, Dra, Mlyes and my young boy Zay. LOL. 

This weekend coming up we invade Philadelphia for 8eye showcase game, it's going to be fun. I also caught up with my brother from another Isaiah Washington Aka JellyFam Dimes. This is my brother for real, miss him and glad he came to hang out with me. Love you bro. It's JellyFam for life. 

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