Monday, March 10, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Ja'Quaye James (Hackensack, NJ) Entry #3

Ja'Quaye Getting Ready!

Hey, wassup Ja'Quaye James here and this week started off with a bang. 

I received a call from my coach Kie and he told me that the PLAYAZ coaching staff wanted me to play up and try out for the 15's. I thought this was amazing. I was hyped when he called and gave me the good news. It was really an honor and because of all the great talent within the organization I didn't think I would be moving right up. As the week went on I got more good news. I found out we were going to a tournament in PA and being that we had a light weekend last week I was super hyped and excited to play. 

We started off the weekend crazy, we won by almost 50pts our first game. I had this one play where I came down and did a spin move then threw it behind my back to my man Amani who caught the banger. Our second game was a little bit different, we started off slow, but then I put the book bag on and kicked up against the Gauchos. I had a ton of good plays, but my favorite one was when I bodied the big-man and caught an and-one on the point guard. 

All weekend everybody was gearing up for the championship game against us and the IZOD team for our 2-2 series match-up that never happened. WHY??? I don't know...something happened that was way out of our control. I know I really wanted to play the game as did my teammates. I know the rivalry is getting a little intense, but we all have to remember we not TOUGH guys we are basketball players. I also learned a lot about the group of players that I go to war with day in and day out, (my teammates) which is, that they have my back and I have theirs no matter what, right or wrong, because we are brothers. All in all, my week was great. I got my work-out in and made it to the Chip again, but I was disappointed the the game didn't happen. I wish it wasn't so much politics involved in these games. It will be a lot more FUN and a lot less stressful for the parents, coaches and directors, because the kids...we just love the game and wanna play ball. 

It's your man JellyFam and I'm signing off. I got the heart of a lion, blood of a warrior and mentality of a soldier when things get going. These other guys I don't know. 

Men lie women lie numbers don't.