Monday, March 24, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Ja'Quaye James (Englewood, NJ) Entry #5


 What's up world it's your boy Ja'Quaye James and this week was a real up and down week for me. I had a bunch of things to do this week to get ready to head out to the Boo Williams tournament in Virgnia this weekend. But this time of the year is always a really tough time for me. Four years ago my cousin, who was someone I looked up to as a role model was killed and his birthday was this weekend March 22. Usually around this time I am around my family and we are in some way celebrating my cousin’s life this time of year. But I had to take care of some business in VA., I know my cousin DeVon Godfrey aka D-Train would have wanted it that way R.I.P. I Love You Bro.. He was my cousin and he looked out for me like I was his own son. I will never forget that!!!! 

With all this going on I got some more bad news. My coach Kie told us this was going to be his last tournament with the 8th grade. Man I was so hurt. Even though he is not leaving the program, he won't be coaching us anymore. It brought tears to a lot of the teams’ eyes because of the bond we had with Kie. Our group was not always the smoothest, but it worked for us. I am really gonna miss him because he is more like a Coach/Big Brother/Friend. He gets me as a person and ball player. When it was time to put his neck on the line and believe in an under sized point guard. He kept his word, I will always be grateful for that. I was a player before, but he is the reason I became a PLAYA. LOL (I'm all in).
My mind was all over the place to start the tournament, so instead of me being down and pouting all weekend I spoke to my pops and he told me to just put all my energy on the court. At that point I wanted to win the tournament, not only for my cousin D-Train but because this would be our last time this year playing for coach Kie. I had championship on my mind. 

We came out the gates killing them. Started off 4-0 in Pool Play. I had a good tournament, was consistent and got to the chip against a very good team, Team TakeOver. It was a war. I had 35pts but we lost, so that means nothing. I love a respect playing against those guys and in games of that quality. There back court in my eyes is one of the best I seen, Period. So I was happy to play well in another big game. CONSISTENCY!!!! LOL my pops favorite word to me. Hahahahahaha. Got the the chip short handed again. PLAYAZFAM!!! Dad can't get more consistent than that. 

Lastly I just wanna say I am proud of my team, we was down one (1) player with Mani not being in battle with us. My wing Tay- got hurt and was almost done, but just a minor concussion. Justin pulled a back muscle and he was not 100% will still made it to the Chip and held our own. We got another stud guard on the roster who is on total violation time on everybody, which is the best kept secret, my bro. Marquise Nowell. Love you bro. 

Always remember like coach Kie would say, figure it out no matter the situation... Facts of life Men lie, Women lie, numbers don't... 

PS: I hear everything that is being said out there about me, say my name, I'm ready for that war, ready for that war, Ready