Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spotlight Feature: Beatty Breaking Out!

David Beatty (PYO)

PYO AAU team from Philly has become one of the toughest teams in the region. Much of their success has come from the play of power guard David Beatty. Beatty has starred in several tournaments and drawn comparison to former grammar school greats such as Dion Waiters and Scoop Jardine. Beatty’s coach Byron Whiting AKA Rub like what he sees in David’s game, “He’s very aggressive, understands the game, strong and eager to learn.” 

Even though the Class of 2017 from the Philly area boasts some good players Coach Rub feels David exceeds his peers. “I think when you compare him to other players from Philly, you have to put him ahead because at a young age he already plays above the rim and has a better feel for the game” said Whiting. 

Basketball Spotlight will keep you posted on the David’s progress. You can see David and his PYO teammates at the MDC at the end of May.