Monday, May 13, 2013

Diary of a Baller: Azar “A.Z” Swain, (Boston, MA) Entry #9

Azar and Mr. Paluseo

What Up Diary, Today I want to talk about how everyone plays different, and how when you are out on the floor, you have to have confidence in the way you play. People are always compared to other people who play the same position, but that doesn’t matter. No matter what people say, stay confident in yourself. The income is outcome. This means, that whatever you put into achieving your goals is the same thing that you will get in return. If you are a shooter, then shoot. If you are a good rebounder, then rebound. If you are a scorer, then score. If you can pass and can handle the ball, then do it. Be yourself, and play your game. Sometimes we listen to too many people and try to be like everyone else instead of us just wanting to be like ourselves. There are more players than just LeBron James in the NBA and we like a lot of them. I guess I’ll just be one of those other players that people like. Later Diary. 

Good Afternoon Diary, Are you afraid to fail? Does making mistakes or failing hold you back from what you can and want to do? I used to be afraid to fail. Mistakes and failing were both holding me back from what I wanted to do. I have learned to overcome this though. I used to be so scared to make mistakes that I used to not even want to play. Basketball wasn’t fun for me anymore, and I found myself heading backwards, away from where I wanted to be in life. It’s not easy trying new things, and you are definitely going to fail or make mistakes once in awhile because we are only human. Nobody is perfect. So, no matter what you want to do in life, don’t be afraid to go after it, no matter who is trying to stop you, and no matter what the consequences of failing may be. Failing is the only way you will learn how to succeed. Peace Diary. 

What Up Diary, Do you know how winning and losing compare to each other? Losing is just as good as winning. This may sound pretty silly, but it’s true. Each loss gives you a new lesson to learn from so that you can improve. You have to learn how to lose before you can know how to win. Everybody loses in life, and that’s a good thing. Different experiences in my life, during my childhood, have taught me how to stay humble when I do win, and how to lose and win with grace. I use to be a terrible loser. Some people and family members didn’t even like to play certain games with me. I would blame other people, cheat or do anything to win. Looking back, I didn’t like that person that I was. So over the years, I changed how I act when I lose. I see some people at games fighting, arguing and threatening each other over a loss and that could have been me. I was exactly the same way. I definitely still enjoy winning but I can lose also without looking like a jerk and being mean to everyone. I’m glad that I have changed. Losing isn’t the end of the world! Peace Diary 

What Up Diary, What is your idea of a good teammate? What kind of teammate do you want to play with? I know the kind of teammate I want to play with. I want to play with a teammate who is willing to sacrifice, committed to the team’s effort, and someone who cares for the team more than anything. That’s why they call it a “team player”. When I was young, I used to be the kind of teammate that people didn’t want to play with. I used to just want to score, but over time, I learned how to care for my teammates, and how to share the light. I learned how to play with the mindset of “my teammates before myself”. I learned how to love my team as well. No matter what sport you play, try to always be the teammate you want to play with. Peace Diary. 

Good Afternoon Diary, Today is Friday. Today was also the day of my 8th grade speech at my school. I would honestly have to say that through all of the big games that I have ever played in, I was the most nervous I have ever been. Despite being nervous during my speech, I was confident in my topic. Besides that, my day was great all-around. After school, I worked out from about 4-6 at my school. I can’t wait until this weekend. This is an off weekend for the X-Clan, but the 17u Expressions Elite is down in Dallas, TX. playing in Session #3 of the Nike EYBL Circuit. I wish the best luck to them down there this weekend. Later Diary. 

Good Afternoon Diary, I was up early this morning to workout in Boston from 9-11. Shyheim Hicks and I were the only ones there, so it was a productive and efficient workout. We worked on core, while getting up shots, working on handles, and trying to turn weaknesses into strengths. After that, the rest of the day was dedicated to homework and relaxing. Around 5 o’clock, I went out to eat in Boston. I don’t really remember the name of the restaurant, but the food there was delicious. When I returned home, I relaxed and watched Saturday Night Live until I fell asleep for the night. Today was a great day in general. Good Night Diary. 

What Up Diary, Happy Mothers’ Day!! I woke up really late today around 12:30, but that didn’t affect my plans for the day. Today, I finished up all of my homework as usual. After that, I got something to eat from my grandmother’s house. It was a “laid back” day for me. I just took the time to hang out with family, and talk to some of my friends. I love days like these because usually, everyday for me is a busy one, and I don’t have time for a lot of things, but today, I had more than enough time for everything on the agenda. The MASS States Championship’s are next weekend. This is where I will be trying to perform up to everyone’s expectations, including my own. Until next week… Peace Diary.