Monday, May 20, 2013

Diary of a Baller: Azar “A.Z.” Swain (Entry #10)

Todd Quarles (Director) and Azar 

What Up Diary, Today is Monday. It was hard for me to get up this morning after such a relaxing weekend. Today, I also had a baseball game. Surprisingly, I was excited for the game. I realized why baseball is fun to me now. It’s not because I love the game of baseball or that I am good at it, but because of the kids on my team. They humbled me over the course of this year’s baseball season. They have helped me recognize that I need to try things to fully understand if I like or dislike them. It has been a great season so far, and the transition into high school next year means leaving most of these kids. I will see a lot of them around but it probably won’t be the same as it is right now. It’s sad to think about it because I have learned so much from all of the middle school kids throughout the pass 2 years. I am going to miss them. Later Diary. 

Good Afternoon Diary, Today is Tuesday it felt like it was one of the slowest days ever, and it may have been because of the cold weather. Today, I had to leave baseball practice to go to a course counseling meeting with my parents. Course Counseling is a meeting that is usually held by an upper school faculty member and it is dedicated to discussing what to expect in the upper school next year. It wasn’t really anything new to me, so I was pretty happy about that. The coaches and teachers are expecting a lot of me and I know I won’t let them down. When people hear the words “going into high school” they may think of parties, varsity sports or having more free time to relax with their friends. They are right, but all of that just comes along with the high school experience. When I hear the words “going into high school”, I think of trying to step it up on the football field/basketball court and stepping it up the classroom because grades are the most important part of trying to reach my goals. I need something to fall back on if this sports stuff doesn’t work out for me. It was made very clear to me what I needed to do. I am up for the challenge as always. I can honestly say that I am very excited to make the transition into high school. Later Diary. 

What Up Diary, Today is Wednesday and it felt like a productive day. I had regular day classes throughout the day, and then we had baseball practice. No matter what kind of day that I am having, my friends always make my day just a little better. They always put me in a good mood with jokes and silly stuff. After baseball, I headed into Boston on the bus from school to go to an Expressions Elite practice. Most of the players on my team go to prep schools, so it’s hard to hold a practice with everyone there. Tonight was all about defense as usual but some offense was put in for the State tournament coming up this weekend. After that, I finished up my homework and tried to go to bed a little bit earlier. Until Tomorrow… Peace Diary. 

Good Afternoon Diary, Today I want to talk about change. Change is always needed. At the time, change may feel bad or heart-breaking, but change ends up in your favor most of the time if you put 100% into everything that you do. People change and feelings change, so don’t take it personal when a change comes your way. It’s for the better most of the time. When my parents got a divorce it felt like the worst day of my life but now I’m good with it. Changing teams, schools, or moving is never easy because you have grown towards them, and they feel like family. People are trying to scare me about going to high school. I know that players are bigger and stronger plus the work is harder but I spend everyday getting better. There are not too many student athletes that work harder than me. I like preparing for test and games a lot. There is an upside to change all of the time. So, if you feel like you don’t like something, it’s time for a change because you only live one life, and you want to always try to live it to the fullest. Good Night Diary. 

What’s Good Diary, Today is Friday, and it was a good day for me. It started off with regular classes. My math teacher recommended me for Honors Math next year. It will be a tough decision for me if I want to do or if I don’t want to do it. I feel like there won’t be enough time to do Varsity sports and Honors work. I really have to think about this one. After classes, we had a baseball game. We won 10-4. After that, I just went home with my dad and relaxed. I did my usual core workouts consisting of pushups, sit-ups, and leg workouts. Today was really just a relaxing day for me though. It was a day for me to get ready for this weekend and Final Four Sunday for Mass States. Peace Diary. 

What Up Diary, Today is Saturday. It started off with a practice with my team from 9-12 in Boston. After that, I went to some of 6th grade State games to support the Expressions 6th grade team. Our 6th grade ended up coming in 3rd place. When we were finished with watching games, we headed back to my house. It was me, Shyheim, Charles, and Charlie. They slept over my house tonight. We played some NBA2k and Call of Duty: Black Ops. We basically just relaxed for the night and hit the sack early for tomorrow Mass States. Until Tomorrow… Later Diary. 

What up Diary, Today is Final Four Sunday for the Mass States. The teams that are in it are Boston Warriors, BABC, Expressions North, and our team (Expressions Elite). Today was a good day, and we ended up beating our other Expressions team. After that we faced BABC in the championship where we came victorious. It was a lot of tension during our game but most of those kids are my friends even though we do not play on the same team. Both of our teams are Nike sponsored from the same state so it meant a lot to each team for bragging rights. When the States were all done, I headed home and grabbed something to eat, and I’m going to go to bed early tonight. It was a good all-around weekend and I will definitely be full of energy and anxious to play next week in the Basketball Spotlight Memorial Day Classic! Even if we don’t win it all, we are very exciting with all of the dunks, 3 pointers and different defenses that we run. This will be the first out of state trip with my team so it should be interesting and fun. Good Night Diary.