Monday, May 13, 2013

My Camp Experience: Deondre Bourne (John Lucas IMSC) Entry #3

Deondre Bourne And Coach Lucas 

 First off I would like to say "Happy Mother's Day" to all the moms out there. I must say that it was a very interesting morning. We started the camp session around 7am this morning because we had to put in that one hour of practice. It’s crazy how some kids can jump out the gym or they the biggest or the fastest player but don't have any fundamental skills. Thank goodness Coach Munch always stress fundamentals, oh and shout out to all the kids that did the 6 am early bird workout, to sharpen up their skills. 

 So here's the interesting part of the morning, as we sat in the bleachers listening to a few parents and ex pros speak, the guest speaker arrived. He told us "its VERY important to do well academically in school your freshmen and sophomore of high school and we need to take the core classes to be NCAA approved. Then the guest speaker paused for about ten second.... He looked up then said "I'm sick call a ambulance" then BOOM!!! He passed out face first. Then like the professionals they were Coach Lucas and staff quickly made us exit the building in a calmly fashion group by group. We did our stretches and ran track till the ambulance came to remove the gentleman which I hope gets well soon. After the warm ups we started our stations and since kids wasn't passing or playing defense yesterday we had to work on dribble drive then kick, we did the weave and then we did 2 on 3 defensive drills. We also worked on man to man full court defense. During the early stations I only worked on my jump shots. I worked on my catch and shoot, one dribble pull up, shooting off the dribble, and shooting off the screen. I did basically every shooting drill in all the shooting stations. I made like 85% of my shots so I was ready for the games. 

When the games finally started I was hype, we had play ten five minute quarters and I was ready. I was hype and my team was hype too, I was so hype I caught the ball on the tip came down the court did a cross over step back and threw up a brick.... I felt stupid!!! My coach screamed on me, he told me to pass the ball and calm down. I looked over at my dad and he just shook his head and simply walked out the gym. I started moving the ball around now but I wasn't grabbing rebounds, I was playing good defensive but missing every shot. I looked over again and this time I saw a few coaches and spectators got up and walked away from my game. I got subbed out, I sat there and willed myself to relax, calm down and take better jump shots and I did. Luckily for me my teammate Jake Klores from the Rens started killing and people started coming back to watch our game cause they heard Coach Brian yelling "Ginobili is killing". Now that I'm settled, I was finally knocking down my shots off of Jake assist. I was rebounding everything and playing that tough defense. I was hitting the defense with all types of moves. I came down court, crossover and BAM jumpshot, I caught the pass took one dribble then pulled up, BAM another jumpshot. The second game I really showed off my guard skills. I was grabbing the boards and pushing the ball up the court so fast the defense couldn't even setup. I literally passed the ball to everyone on my team that was on the floor with me and I still was getting buckets. When the game was done a few coaches told me I played very well and they love my jump shot. 

Coach Lucas called us all to the bleachers and spoke with us one more time before the camp ended. He reminded us not to let basketball use us, but for us to use basketball. He also said "When people try to tell you they can do this or that for you remember you don't owe them nothing cause they couldn't do nothing without you because you’re the actual one playing". After Coach Lucas speech I was asked to do a little interview, then we all got our memorabilia’s then headed out. I must say I really enjoyed myself this weekend, I learned a lot and I applied a lot. I want to shout out all the ballers at the camp (keep working hard), Coach Lucas, Coach Mark, Coach Cole and RJ (thank you), the spectators, the bloggers, the websites, all the coaches and staff special thanks to Ed, Mr. Mike Melton and Spotlight staff for allowing me to share my experience. 

Thank You