Thursday, May 30, 2013

Basketball Spotlight MDC 7th Grade Top Performers Part 1

Mikey Watkins (Playaz)

 The 7th Grade Division produced a new champion and gave us some time to check out some emerging prospects. Here’s part 1 of our top performers report from the MDC.

MDC 7th Grade Top Performers Part 1 

Mikey Watkins Guard (Playaz)- Watkins has added another championship banner to his collection. He played his point guard role well by getting their scorer’s involved. He specializes in using the floater when entering the lane and has shown improvement and confidence in his outside shot. 

Tyson Eitenne Guard (Playaz)- Wow, Eitenne was outstanding in the finals. This explosive combo guard finished with 15 points including three bombs from behind the arc. He definitely has the knack to score and shows the toughness when attacking the rim. The stage was bright and he stepped up.

Tawan Grier Forward (Playaz)- Grier has adjusted to not being the biggest player on the floor. Now he has extended his game a little to the perimeter and also tries to handle the pill a little. Don’t get me wrong he’s still effective on the boards and scoring inside. 

Cameron Reddish Guard (Team Final)- Yeah “The Prince” gave the audience some flashes of brilliance including a wavy handle, crisp moves and silky jump shot. I also like they way he sticks his head inside to grab a few boards. Once he gets stronger it’s going to be a wrap for a lot of folks. 

Devon Ferrero Forward (Team Final)- The tough forward runs the floor like a freight train and loves finishing in transition. He also possesses a face up game and will attempt dribble drives. He was a great addition to this Team Final crew. 

Isiah Jones Guard (Team Final)- Jones runs the point occasionally for this squad. He’s not a conventional pg but instead and charges the lane and tries to score. He was a big help when the defense concentrates on Reddish. 

James Legible Forward (Team Final)- Legible is also a good pick up for this Nike affiliate. He has good presence in the post and the fundamentals to finish off plays. I also like his toughness on the defensive end. Stay tuned as we have more coverage to come. We are just getting started.