Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Camp Experience: Deondre Bourne (John Lucas IMSC) Entry #1

Deondre Bourne In The Hotel 

The John Lucas International Middle School Combine is taking place this weekend in Houston, TX. Deondre Bourne of the Black Mambas will be keeping us updated with his experience on the road. Here’s Entry #1. 

What's up spotlight world, what's goin on... For those that don't know me (and for those who do) I would like to reintroduce myself... I am Deondre Bourne from Brooklyn, NY I'm a 6'1 combo guard in the Class of 2017 and I'm coming to you straight from Houston, Texas. I'm out here to represent at the John Lucas International Middle School Combine. I feel truly honored and bless that I received the opportunity to compete with and against all the other top players in this invite only camp. I will try my best to absorb as much as possible in the next two days from Coach Lucas and staff. 

Due to Holy Day which meant the day off in Catholic School my dad and I had breakfast then caught a early flight so we can have some fun in Texas before the combine. But unfortunately the bad weather and flooding caused us to stay in our hotel, so I had something to eat read a little till I fell asleep. When I woke up, grabbed a snack and headed to the mall to checkout some gear and to get dinner. After dinner I headed back to the hotel so I could watch the Heats playoff game. While watching the game and eating in the lobby I chatted with a few friends, players and coaches before I headed back to my room to my practice form shooting. Well its pouring out so I'm about to take a shower, grab something to eat (yes again) and then off to bed. I will make sure to keep you all posted on how it all goes down tomorrow...