Monday, July 26, 2010

The Road To The Medal Leads Through Basketball Spotlight: Come Get Spotlight Tested!

The AAU season is officially over and the champions are crowned. One of the goals of Basketball Spotlight is to get teams prepared to make AAU National Championship runs. We would like to congratulate the following teams that came through our events and performed well on the national stage.

Top Teams BY Age

14U Division

Juice All Stars: The Brooklyn Boys finished #5 in the country after making an Elite 8 run. I thought they had the talent to make a run like this and I was right. There’s no question that they will be taking home the “Team Of The Year” award.

Future Players: They came north to get that bump and it helped them take home 9th place medals. I like how they competed all year and should have some pieces to transform onto the high school level. This is a tough group.

Youth Interlock: YI made an Elite 8 run before losing to eventual national champ Houston Select. They finished ranked 14th but if you make it to the Elite 8 we feel you are among the Top 8 teams in the country.

13U Division

Philly Aztecs: Their Final Four run was the talk of Memphis. During the Spotlight events they showed promise and were on the verge of knocking off a few top teams. Congrats to this group for going down in the history books. They finished #4 in the country.

Team Final: TF finished ranked #6 which was good considering the amount of teams in Memphis. Expectations in this camp were a little higher so they will be looking to finish the job this time next year.

Richmond Phenom: Many felt this group wasn’t as powerful as before but once again they left with a medal. They took home 7th place and showed that sticking together still counts for something these days.

12U Division

Delaware Finest Stars: This rugged group from the First State won the Division 2 National title. They made some serious noise at the AC Showcase but I didn’t expect a run like this. Congrats to this group for bringing home the title.

Team Battle: They had many new faces but once again TB finished in the Top 5. Two Top 5 finishes in only 3 years of existence is a remarkable feat for any team to accomplish. They should be even hungrier next year.

DC Assault Gorham: This PV crew always seems to find away to leave with a medal. The used the tough MDC pools to get ready for their run and it paid off. I can’t wait to see them in the building next year.

CT Elite: This quiet group made a lot of noise at the Division 2 Nationals. They finished #6 after making a deep run. They have a good group and we look forward to them returning next year.

F.A.C.E.S.: The Killer Bees made it to the Final Four of the Classic bracket and finished with a #17 ranking. They had one of the smallest but toughest groups in this event. They never stop competing.

Long Island Lightning: The Lightning also made it to the Final Four of the Classic Bracket. They used that New York toughness to get through this rugged field. I’m definitely proud of this group.

11U Division

Team Battle: TB won the championship in the Classic bracket. This was a great run considering the two teams they lost to in pool play made it to the Championship bracket Final Four. Good job for this first year program.