Saturday, July 17, 2010

Diary Of A Baller: Anthony "Champ" Mosely (Delaware) Entry #23

Hey world it's your boy Champ with another week of highlights. This was a wow week for me as there were a lot of workouts and a lot of games. But before I get started I would like to wish all the class of 2014 basketball players a shot out and say good luck in High School. I also want to wish all of the Mid-Atlantic, Potomac, New Jersey, and New York 14U teams good luck in Orlando. OK let's talk about my week now.

Monday we had early morning workouts and it was cool because a couple of post graduates showed up and there presence caused me to work harder than usual. All of a sudden I am just as tall as they are and more importantly during the conditioning part of the workout I was just as fast. We have a conditioning drill we do that we run baseline to baseline for 6 trips and we have to do it in 35 seconds. Normally I run it in 36 but because they were there I did it in 32. I have always been taught to run against time but having fast players workout with you makes a difference.

Tuesday I worked out in the morning and I had a high school game that night. I was excited about the workout because the guys from Monday said they were coming back. We played one on one full courts which I love on Monday and I was looking forward to it. Well they didn't come back and I was a little disappointed but I still got to play my brother. Tuesday we played WC East from PA they were ok but we beat them easily as we led the game from start to finish. Considering most of our top players were away at camp I was pleased in our play.

Thursday we played Chester High from PA and it was a good game from start to finish. We lost by 3 pts but it was a game that you improve from as they pressed us full court. ¾ court, and played man to man most of the game. The tempo of this game was more of how I like to play and perform in. Because there pressure, physicality, and intensity made all of us play at faster speeds and with more physicality than normal.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday my AAU team was entered into the Super Elite Showcase in Alexandria VA playing 15U. Friday night we were scheduled to play DC Team Takeover 15U and it was a good game from the beginning to the end. But we shocked the Metro community by defeating them by 5 pts.

Saturday we played Team Philly 15's and once again it was a good game but in the end they defeated us by 8 in a hard fought really aggressive bump. Sunday we played against Mid-Atlantic Select to go to the Championship against the winner of DC Assault 15Gold and DC Takeover. The game against Select was close the whole game with the lead changing on almost every trip down the floor. But we have played in a lot of close games this year and seam to know how to win the close ones as we defeated them by 7 to move on to play our own programs 15U team. In the Championship we came out flat and went down by 16 at the half. But the coach let us know that we weren't the same kids that beat two 15U teams this weekend and that we where acting like our weekend was over and that we could have stayed in bed. So we made a big comeback and fell short by 3 pts.

In conclusion I had 5 really good games this week against some really good players. Our team is heading to Las Vegas to play in the Adidas Super 64 next week. I am looking forward to going to Las Vegas I have never been there before. Stay tuned for the results from Vegas, High School, and YIA.

Champ Out!!!