Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is It In The Genes? It Is In Carolina!

Joshua Howard Son Of Juwan Howard

While at the CB Spiders tournament it became apparent that a few players in attendance at elite basketball roots. Here’s a look at the youngsters that have family ties to some top players.

Joshua Howard (Carolina Flight)- Howard resembles his father in looks and posture on the floor. He wears #5 and even plays the forward spot already. It’s too early to say he will follow directly in Juwan’s footsteps to the NBA but it should be fun to watch.

Jamil Hornesby (Carolina Flight)- Who does Hornesby resemble? I will help you out, Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics. Jamil is the nephew of the Celtic with the sweet jumper. He’s not a spot up shooter like Ray but instead handles the ball a little more and enjoys playing defense. He’s known for his toughness.

Jalek Hamilton (Team Felton)- When I saw Hamilton at the DC Assault Classic I thought he was related to Raymond Felton. My thoughts were confirmed at the CB Spiders Tournament. His play on the floor resembles his uncle, especially how hard he works on the defensive end.

Ty Graves (SC Ravens)- After watching Ty stroke the pill you can see the resemblance to his cousin Will Graves from UNC. Ty can either hurt you with a spot up jumper or dribble around you to the hole. Keep an eye on this kid because he might end up at Chapel Hill.