Saturday, July 10, 2010

14U National Preview: It's Going Down!

Will Juice Squeeze A Title In Orlando?

On July 14th the top 14U teams in the country will head to Orlando, Florida for the AAU National tournament. Some of the best squads from our region will be representing in Disney World. Here’s a look at the teams that will be going to the Milk House.

14U Preview

Juice All Stars/Starrett City: This team has to be a heavy favorite. They have put together a serious campaign this year while only losing two games. They have the personnel and swagger to bring home the crown. They must stick to the game plan and keep their composure in this hostile environment.

Youth Interlock: YI is explosive enough to make a run. They placed last year and have the pieces to bring home a medal again. If all the players can remain on the same page I don’t see how anything should be different this time around. Expect a good run from this bunch.

Team Nelson: TN has improved this season and I feel they have shown more toughness. Their trip to Ohio showed they can get it done on the road and they capped off the season by winning the MDC. Don’t sleep on this bunch.

Team Scan: TS has been bumping a few teams this year and has a tom of hardware. Now as they head to Orlando they must put together series of good games. I know Coach Munch will have them mentally ready so it’s up to them to get it done on the floor.

CBC: I like some of the players with this crew. They have the guard play and a few post players. They made a good run in Atlantic City so they are capable of making a serious run. Keep an eye on Jared Wilson-Frame.

Team NJABC: The NJ champs are ready to show they have arrived. They have a talented bunch and have a proven winner patrolling the sideline. If the chips fall right don’t be surprised to see them in the thick of things.

Future Players: I was surprised to see this group as a 4th seed but I think they will make it to the championship bracket. They are battled tested having won the AC Showcase and bunch of other tournaments. They should knock off a few teams down there.

King Street Kings: This group has been quietly knocking off some good teams. Word is that the much improved Isaiah Briscoe will making the trip down with them so they should be straight at the guard spot.