Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Medal Winners That Traveled Through The Spotlight!

King Street Kings Had 3 Teams That Medaled.

Recently we reported on the teams the won medals at the AAU Nationals. Unfortunately we left out a couple of teams that played in Spotlight events. Please blame on my brain and not my heart. Here’s a look at a few more teams that traveled through the Spotlight on their way to AAU Medals.

14U Division

King Street Kings: KSK took two 14U teams to the AAU Nationals and both teams left with medals. Both teams played in the Final Four of the Classic bracket. One team finished ranked #16 while the other squad finished #17 in the country.

13U Division

CBC: The boys from Connecticut played in the 13U Division 3 National Championship game at the buzzer. They played in the AC Showcase and are known to bring the noise. Congratulations to Coach Hatchett and his bunch.

12U Division

King Street Kings: The Kings were a heavy favorite to win the 12U Nationals and finished in the #14 ranking in the country. They advanced to the Elite 8. Their size is a major factor and should be for time to come. They competed in the Basketball Spotlight Clash For The Cup.

11U Division

Maryland Panthers: The MDC Champs placed #10 in the country at the 11U National Championships. The PV boys have some good pieces and it will be interesting to see how they develop over the years.