Friday, July 9, 2010

Clash Of The Titans Battle: Mickey Mitchell vs. Kejuan Johnson

Is Mickey Mitchell Better Than Kejuan Johnson?

Clash Of The Titans Kejuan Johnson vs. Mickey Mitchell

Since they didn’t get a chance to get it on in Memphis at the 13U Nationals we decided to have them go head to head here. Fans it’s your chance to cast your vote.

In This Corner:
Kejuan Johnson: The 6’5 power player has been transitioning to the wing and still dominating the competition. He has put up crazy numbers in the AAU Nationals in the past but has been recently competing against older players. Check out his highlights below.

In This Corner:
Mickey Mitchell: Now 6’6 Mitchell is nothing but a winner. The physical combo guard has won 3 AAU National titles in a row (1 with Florida Flyers and 2 with Texas Titans). His dominance is very apparent on the grammar school level.