Monday, July 19, 2010

12U AAU Nationals Day 2: Top Performers Part 3

Derryck Thornton (Cal. Aces)

Day 2 of the 12U Nationals took place today and there were some exciting moments. Here’s a look at some of the top players from the morning session. Here’s a look at the players that impressed us the evening session.

Top Performers Part 3

Derryck Thornton Guard (Cal. Aces)- Thornton is also in the running for the top point guard honors. He has a national name already and has the game to go with it. He penetrated the lane like Isaiah Thomas and finished off plays. Derryck is a true showman but also plays with a lot of substance.

Trevor Stanback Forward (Cal. Aces)- Stanback isn’t as far along as some of the other forward prospects but he’s on his way. He stands 6’6 while being a problem in the lane as a shot blocker. Offensively, he’s still developing and will be better once he gets stronger.

Shaquille Dawkins Guard (Cal. Aces)- Dawkins is short power guard with supreme penetration skills. He split the defense and killed them with the floater. He’s definitely stronger than he looks and had good quickness pushing the pill.

Christian Ellis Forward (Cal. Aces)- Ellis is a stronger combo forward. He scored easy inside and has good athleticism especially when rebounding the ball. He played good on the weak side of Stanback.

Anthony Carr Guard (Philly Triple Threat)- Carr continued his good play against NJ Got Game. He danced around the defense while scoring on floaters and tough lay ups. His handle can keep defenders on their heels while he making plays. The Philly toughness stands out in this kid.

Joshua Sharkey Guard (Philly Triple Threat)- I’m still puzzled how Sharkey impacts the game like he does. But it is what it is with this kid. Joshua dribbled through the NJGG defense while making scoop shots and dropping dimes. Opponents take him for granted and end of with egg on their face.

NyRhique Smith Guard (NJGG)- Smith didn’t score much but I like the court vision he displayed. He hit teammates in stride and used his size to see over defenders. He has to be one of the best passers in America.