Saturday, July 24, 2010

12U AAU Nationals Rankings: Top 10 Combo Guards

Seven Woods Finished As The #1 Combo Guard.

The 12U AAU Nationals featured the top players in the country from the Class of 2016. Basketball Spotlight spent the entire week at the Boo Williams Center. We decided to break down the top players by position. This list should be taken very lightly because these players are young and will have plenty of time to develop. Next, we will look at the Top 10 Combo Guards.

12U AAU Nationals Top 10 Combo Guards

1. Seven Woods (SC Ravens)- Woods started the tournament with a buzz but left Hampton with the National title and a household name. His game is well beyond his years and his leaping ability is one of a kind. He will either play the 1 or 2 at the end of the road.

2. Rakym Felder (New Heights)- Felder was spectacular in a couple of contest. The southpaw pulled the trey ball from the cheap seats while also muscling his way to the tin. He’s probably going to end up a point guard once he reaches the high school level.

3. Ashon Riggins (Cincinnati Lakers)- Riggins could have been regarded as a point but fell in this section because of his scoring prowess. Riggins broke down defenders at will while also scoring over smaller guards.

4. Gilberto Cue (KSK)- Cue used a strong game to help his team reach the Elite 8. He intimidated ball handlers on the defensive end and knocked down the trey ball off the bounce. He also will likely convert to the 1 in the future.

5. Joseph Caldwell (Defenders Select)- Caldwell is one of the top defenders on this list. His on the ball defense is outstanding and he has some scoring ability. I expect big things from this kid in a few years.

6. Anthony Carr (Philly Triple Threat)- PTT made some noise during pool play and Carr was the lead catalyst. He has good ball handling and excellent body control when scoring in the lane. His name will ring bells in Philly the next few years.

7. Brad Hawkins (Team Battle)- Hawkins played lock down defense and contributed on the offensive end. He will nail the open jumper against the zone while also attacking the baseline for buckets. He’s a physical ball handler.

8. Chris Lykes (DC Assault)- The smallest player on this list probably has the biggest heart. Lykes has a good floater and range on his outside shot. His play making ability had the crowd in an uproar.

9. Mattison Cone (SC Ravens)- This kid can shoot the jumper or play the extra ball handling roll. His midrange shot is usually cash money and he isn’t afraid of the big shot. He might be taking his talent to the gridiron.

10. Jarrett Rivers (New Heights)- Rivers showed he was among the elite with his play during this event. He hit the deep shot and finished off tough drives in the lane. He definitely had things clicking this past week.

Others To Watch
Alterique Gilbert (Richmond Gold)
Herb McGee (LA Primetime)
Sa’eed Nelson (F.A.C.E.S.)
Jordan Walker (Elite Cavaliers)
Jagan Mosely (NJ Got Game)
Shacuille Dawkins (Cal. Aces)