Saturday, July 24, 2010

12U AAU Nationals Player Rankings: Top 10 Power Forwards

Khalea Turner Finished As The #1 Power Forward.

The 12U AAU Nationals featured the top players in the country from the Class of 2016. Basketball Spotlight spent the entire week at the Boo Williams Center. We decided to break down the top players by position. This list should be taken very lightly because these players are young and will have plenty of time to develop. We will begin our rankings with the Top 10 Power Forwards.

12U AAU Nationals Top 10 Power Forwards

1. Khalea Turner (LA Primetime)- Turner was the most dominant inside force in Virginia. He had to lead the tournament in double-doubles and the scary thing is his best basketball days are years away.

2. Edrice Adebayo (Virginia Panthers)- Edrice is a constant shot blocker and an intimidating force. He cleans the glass like Windex and showed some offensive prowess once he touched the pill. He has a chance to be very good down the road with hard work.

3. Davion Thomas (Georgia Stars)- Thomas nickname is “Tree” and I can understand. He will definitely need to pack on some mass but on this level he’s a constant problem. He alters shots well and also runs the floor for his size. Don’t pencil this kid in as a power forward just yet. I see some wing in his future.

4. Raekwon Long (QCAA)- Long has some time to go to become dominant but he takes up so much space his presence is felt. Once again he showed improvement running the floor and in his conditioning. Opponents need to enjoy this time because when he gets it all together there might be some long nights.

5. Trevor Stanback (Cal. Aces)- Stanback made the top five because of his potential. The lanky forward shows some flashes at times but needs to be more consistent. He’s another youngster that should make a national name in a few years.

6. Dedric Lawson (Memphis War Eagles)- Lawson is no longer the biggest player in this class but his skill set is still there. His big, soft hands allow him to catch and maneuver the rock around shot blockers. Since he already has good skills his potential will depend on how much he grows.

7. Matt Bullock (KSK)- Bullock is another player that future position will defend on his size. Right now his soft touch and broad shoulders allow him to be very effective. His footwork his tremendous and he doesn’t waste time roaming the perimeter.

8. Breon Gaddy (Virginia Panthers)- Gaddy played the weak side for the Panthers. He has a wide frame hits the boards like a mad man. His strength stands out on this level and should be his ticket in the future.

9. Darius Gillon (Team Battle)- Gillon relied on his quickness and ability to run the floor to be effective. This time next year expect him to transition to a wing forward because he’s handling the pill a little better.

10. Idris Joyner (NJ Got Game)- Joyner continues to improve and it showed during this showcase. He doesn’t have problems rebounding and getting putbacks. He’s running the floor better and has shown improvement on defense.

Others To Watch
Chase Meltor (Kentucky Elite Kings)
Terrell Turner (New Heights)
Courtney Lark (Defenders Select)
Daveyon Barnes (Sam Cassell All Stars)
Christian Ford (F.A.C.E.S.)

Darius Roundtree (Team Battle)

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