Thursday, July 15, 2010

12U AAU Nationals Preview: Top Scoring Guards

Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle Should Be Ready to Showcase His Talent.

Now that we have broken down the teams headed to the 12U Nationals. Here's a look at some of the top players to watch by position. Here's a look at the players required to put up numbers. The Top Scoring Guards!

Top Scoring Guards

Tyus Battle (Team Battle)- Battle is one of the top scoring guards in the country. His length and creativity has many of his peers calling him the best player they faced. Tyus has been challenged all year with different defensive schemes. Expect a huge showing from this kid.

Ashon Riggins (Cincinnati Lakers)- "Lotta Game" is a constant matchup problem because of his size and ball handling. He glides to the bucket for easy points and can be a real problem in the open floor. Riggins does need to tune up his outside shot but being only a 6th Grader he has a lot of time.

Rakym Felder (New Heights NYC)- Few guards have put up gaudy numbers like the Bed Stuy Bully. He's capable of going for 40 points in any contest. Opposing coaches fear Felder for the entire game.

Gilberto Cue (KSK)- This powerful has dropped huge numbers in several events. He literally carries defenders to the cup and will drain the long trey ball. If KSK have national title hopes Cue will be carrying the load.

Reggie Gardner (DC Assault Clark)- Gardner is one of the best shooters in the region. Once he gets going it's very difficult to slow him down. Reggie also has added some post up skills to his game.

Seven Woods (SC Ravens)- National media get ready here comes Seven. Woods attacks the basket at will and has potential oozing out of his veins. He plays either guard spot but thrives as a scorer. His name will definitely ring bells in Hampton.

Jamal Allen (MABC)- The Left Handed Bandit can fill it up quickly. He loves breaking down defenders on the perimeter and slicing through the lane. If you try to back off of him he will burn you with a jumper.

Sa'eed Nelson (F.A.C.E.S.)- "Flash" will impress you with his ability to zip through the defense and score. He has developed more confidence in his outside shot while also possessing great hang time. Nelson never backs down from the competition.

Joseph Caldwell (Defenders Select)- Caldwell might be the best defender in this age bracket. He plays in your shirt defense and roams the passing lanes. On the offensive end he explodes to the goal very quickly and is always in attack mode.

Randall Gaskins (Annadale Bulldogs)- Gaskins showed me his scoring prowess at the AC Showcase. He has good size and touch on his outside stroke. He's definitely capable of being a match up problem.

Jalek Hamilton (Team Felton)- When Hamilton finds his stroke he can fill it up quickly. He also knows how to run a team and play effective defense. His scoring will have to pick up if they want to get some wins.

Ty Graves (SC Ravens)- Graves has to be one of the best shooters in this event. His range is when he walks in the gym. Look for Ty to stretch the defense and force teams out of their zones.