Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Diary Of A Baller: Cameron "The Prince" Reddish (Norristown, PA) Entry #4

Cam Reddish In Varsity Action

I'm back basketball world, this week was fun and interesting. During the week, I worked out almost every day and getting my shot right for this weekend. This weekend I had team camp with my high school, The Haverford School, at The University of Penn. While there, I had the opportunity to be seen by other college coaches. My coach, Henry Fairfax, gave me the green light to shoot when I'm open and drive to the basket. I played very well, scoring a high score of 21 points and 18 in the other. 

On Sunday, I had to get back with Team Final and try to win the Big Shots tournament. My team was able to win both games on Saturday and make it to the championship. We played WeR1 in the championship; it was a war with many lead changes. At the end we started to pull away and hit free throws to win the Big Shots tournament. This week was exciting and full of basketball. On my way back to the gym, Cam Reddish.