Monday, June 23, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Straight From Cali!

Jalen Newhouse

Jalen Newhouse is done playing games with the nation – with a very busy club schedule he has not been able to step onto the national stage; until now! Jalen Newhouse will make his national debut in the nation’s capital August 23rd & 24th at the BBall Spotlight Future Phenom camp. As a member of the 2023 class you flat out do not see the ball skills that this kids processes at this age, already selected to compete with USA National Select he continues to work hard to improve the already solid aspects of his game. Playing primarily at the lead guard position Newhouse can play all 5 spots with equal effectiveness. He passes with flair and vision, he finishes with smoothness and toughness depending on what is needed, and the feathery soft jumper tickles the twine more times than not when released off the catch or the bounce. The bounce ? Yes, the bounce, a player this age is doing things offensively that is typically reserved for player much older. 

Newhouse will be joining the Spotlight all the way from the state of California proving to the entire country that this is the event the entire nation wants and has to be at. If you are an elite player this is the proving grounds to prove it. Jalen has done so previously and will happily do so again for all to see this coming August.

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