Thursday, June 19, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Brooks Bringing His Game To Future Phenom Camp!

Keion Brooks (Indiana)

The Bbball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp roster of stars continues to get deeper and deeper with the addition of recent Keion Brooks from Indiana. Brooks a 6’6 do it all wing whose game continues to expand is one the most fluid and complete players in the country. Brooks is the prototypical wing; he is length personified – not only is he long he is an athletic he is ultra-athletic; Keion is finishing at the rim and recently had a 5 dunks effort against one of nation’s most elite teams. Brooks also competed this year in nations top middle school league and was recognized as a top performer in multiple sessions. 

Brooks get the job done inside and out – he can be iso’d, posted, and is a solid catch and shoot guy with ever improving pull-up/mid-range ability as he works off the bounce. Keion is becoming a national highlight on the break and attacks the rim with power straight line drives where he finishes through contact with ease. He is knocking down open threes on the break and as stated off the catch, he is showing a great feel for spacing to the open area on the side of dribble penetration and is springing off screens where he is using a quick trigger to shoots over smaller defenders and a IQ to take advantage of bigger ones using his quickness. 

You see so many good qualities in his game it’s easy to fall in love with what he does – but remember just last year he came off a broken foot late in the year and he is still improving and developing multiple aspects of his game. Brooks’ upside is very high; he has to be considered on the most versatile and best wings in the country. Along with attendance at BBall Spotlight Future Phenom Camp; Brooks was also select to the USA National Select Team and the to the NYBL All Star game. Those wanting to see the stars of the future should make sure they are in DC August 23rd and 24th because Keion Brooks will be.

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