Friday, June 6, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Antonio Sellers Aims For Top Spot!

Antonio Sellers (New York City)

Antonio Sellers is a throwback player and his style reminds many people of Kevin Love of the NBA, he can handle, rebound, pass, and yes hit the three. Antonio plays with an intensity not seen in a long time from someone at this age. He is a dominant scorer who knows how to use his body to create space and is patient enough to wait for his opportunity thereafter. On top of having very soft hands on the catch he also passes well and is an unselfish teammate. Sellers is a tremendously focused young man who flat out loves to play the game. 

Sellers out of New York City plays with the NY Gauchos at both the 2022 and 2021 level. Flat out there is no better post player in country - point lank and period. The scary part is he may be the best three man and four man also. Under no circumstance will Sellers not be in the top 3 in the country by the end of the summer; maybe even #1. Sellers will be at the Bball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp Aug. 23rd & 24th with maybe his personal post and perimeter coach. If you want to play against the very best and measure where you stand; the best will be in the building. Come get some ~ but be careful MR. SELLERS WILL BE WAITING.

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