Friday, June 6, 2014

Basketball Spotlight Feature: Rodriquez Ready To Rumble!

Kamaren Rodriquez (NYC)

Kameren Rodriguez has a positive impact on the game through his versatility. He has good size, strength, and unmatched quickness which allow him to excel on the perimeter as a scorer and defender. He uses his quickness to get into the paint and once there he uses his body control to adjust and finish. As an attacking wing that can score, he is a threat to go coast to coast or to steal and finish – one of the quickest in the class point to point. He is a very solid ball handler as a natural lead guard, but scorers so well from the 2 guard spot he must be used they as it is just too tempting not to take advantage of his immense skill. May be the best perimeter defender in the class, even when he gets beat he has the speed to recover and start the issue all over again. A tough competitor who doesn’t just want to win he wants to dominate and for the most part that is exactly what he does. 

Rodriguez plays the point for the Riverside Hawks in New York City and recently received the MVP Award during his last visit to the Bball Spotlight; to think he is going to not bring his A-Game would be uncivilized. His game can be defined by the phase "take it up a notch"; no player plays every possession as hard as he does. He never concedes anything and will hurt anywhere on the floor on offense or defense. Possible the best defender in country; nothing comes easy so please be advised; Kameren will be at the Bball Spotlight Future Phenom Camp on Aug. 23rd & 24th. If you scared say you scared; if you are not we'll see you in DC. BE CAREFUL BEFORE YOU PRESS THE BUTTON BELOW because Kam will be in the building.....waiting.

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