Monday, June 2, 2014

Basketball Spotlight MDC 6th Grade Best Of The Best & Super 15 Player Performance Rankings

Xavier Pina Left The MDC Ranked #1

The 6th Grade Division at the MDC was packed with fresh faces. Here’s our best of the best from the Class of 2020 and the Super 10 Player Performance Rankings. 

MDC 6th Grade Best Of The Best 

Best Performer: Xavier Pena (We R 1) 
His team fell short in the finals but the body of work he put together over the weekend was outstanding. He led his team scoring and gave us a taste of what we can expect from his the next two years. 

Best Playmaker: Griffin Rooney (MSU Skyliners) 
This kid brings a lot of flair to the point guard position. I like his handle and passing ability. He also will cross up a defender at the drop of a hat. 

Best Shooter: Jaqaun Harris (NB Bulldogs) 
When Harris catches fire he can lit things up in a hurry. He can hit the midrange or the deep ball easily. 

Best Prospect: Elijah Molly (WE R 1) 
Yes, standing 6’3 this kid seems to have a bright future. He’s still developing and we can wait to see how he looks in 8th Grade. 

Best Scorer: Charlie Gordiner (NJ Shore Shots) 
Big Charlie spent the weekend scoring at will against the competition. His soft touch on the blocks was his main key to success. 

Best Trio: Giovanni Phillips, Daniel Nixon and Jodey Delos Santos (KSK) 
These three gave teams the fits at the MDC. Phillips pushed the rock while Nixon and Delos Santos did their job scoring the pill. 

MDC 6th Grade Super 15 Player Rankings 
1. Xavier Pina (WE R 1) 
2. Jodey Delos Santos (KSK) 
3. Charlie Gordiner (NJ Shore Shots) 
4. Daniel Nixon (KSK) 
5. Griffin Rooney (MSU Slyliners) 
6. Jaquan Harris (NB Bulldogs) 
7. Marshawn Lloyd (WE R 1) 
8. Ja-el Vega (Team 85) 
9. Elijah Molly (WE R 1) 
10. Giovanni Phillips (KSK) 
11. Tommir Carter (WE R 1) 
12. Ethan Hilliman (MSU Skyliners) 
13. Riley McMahon (NJ Shore Shots) 
14. Bryce Barrow (Team 85) 
15. Matthew Weidman (NJ Shore Shots)