Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What Did We Learned In Atlantic City?


The 2013 edition of the Atlantic City Showcase was like no other. The excitement reached new level and many of the championship games came down to the wire. Here are some other things we noticed in America’s Playground. 

What Did We Learn In AC? 

Super Pool Success! 
I must say the 7th Grade Super Pool took this event to a new level. Each game was standing room only and had the feel of the NCAA tournament. While some coaches didn’t understand the format, to us it made a lot of since and added some flair to this event. So the Super Pool experiment gets an A in my book. 

AC Showcase Mystic Lives! 
Every year at the AC Showcase we have some unexpected results. This year it would have to the National Champs DC Assault losing in the 7th Grade finals. The PV kingpins fight off several tough teams to take the #1 seed after the Super Pool. But their winning streak came to an end in the rematch against Metro Sixers. DCA shouldn’t feel bad because the AC Showcase has been known as Upset City for years. 

6th Grade Division Has Parity!
As the Spotlight circuit continues it’s apparent that the 6th Grade Division has a lot of parity. AC Showcase was our fourth event and produced a four different champion. Team IZOD (Tip Off Classic), Philly Pride (MLK Classic), CIA Bounce (Clash For The Cup) and now Team Nelson (AC Showcase. This means the MDC Champion has to be up in the air. 

Parents Drive The Spotlight!
The players play hard and the coaches are on the grind but the parent participation also raises the intensity level of the Spotlight tournaments. I been to tournaments all over the country and seen fans react to games but things seemed different at these events especially in AC. It was a joy watching the parents chant and cheer on their teams. Shout out to parent Dawn Brelsford from ETU Select, she goes hard!