Monday, April 8, 2013

Inside The AC Showcae 6th Grade

Team Nelson Found Their Groove In AC

The 6th Grade Division of the AC Showcase was filled with heart throbbing games. Here’s an inside look at this age group and the All Tournament Team. 

Team Nelson Peaking at Right Time! 
Last year after losing in the AC Showcase Team Nelson won the MDC and took home the Grand Finale crown. This year they seem to have started their run a little earlier by winning the AC Showcase. Next up is the MDC in which they will be trying to secure the #1 seed for the Grand Finale Final Four. 

Grand Finale Race Tight As Ever!
The 6th Grade Grand Finale final four race will definitely come down to the MDC. All top 4 teams will be entering the MDC therefore they really will be playing for the final four seeds. They way things are looking anyone on of these teams could be taking the banner home on June 15th at Trenton Catholic High School. 

AC Showcase 6th Grade All Tournament Team 
Chris Allen Guard (Team Nelson) 
Mark Bradshaw Guard (Team Nelson) 
Hakim Byrd Guard (Team Nelson) 
Donta Scott (Team Nelson) 
Tyler Brelsford Guard (ETU Select) 
Tyrese Jenkins Forward (ETU Select) 
Terrence Williams Forward (ETU Select) 
Josh Watts (ETU Select) 
AJ Hoggard Guard (Team IZOD) 
Jalen Gaffney Guard (Team IZOD) 
Jordan McKoy Guard (Team IZOD) 
Ashan Huland EL Forward (Metro Flyers) 
John Wilson Guard (Metro Flyers) 
Josh Pierre Louis Guard (Metro Flyers)
Latrell Reid (RJS)
Jordan Martin (RJS)
Malik Bailey (RJS) 
Aquil Stewart (Team Philly)
Tyler Spann (Team Philly)
Naseim Roberson (Team Philly)