Thursday, April 18, 2013

Clash Of The Titans: Riley Vs. Ayton (Cast Your Vote)


The last few years Cody Riley has been the undisputed #1 Player in the Class of 2017 but now 6’10 DeAndre Ayton has emerged on the scene. Some analyst feel the spot is still Cody’s to loss while others think Ayton potential is too much to not be #1. Now it’s your chance to be the analyst in this edition of Clash Of The Titans. Who’s really the #1 Player in the Class of 2017? Cast Your Vote!

  Cody Riley is the #1 8th grade player in the nation, and with all due respect to all the other young phenoms he rightfully deserves that spot. After watching him play in several games, I saw very few weaknesses and an incredible amount of skill. Riley has a tremendous upside standing 6'8.

 DeAndre Ayton is a 6'10 8th grader with unbelievable skills, body control, and potential. DeAndre Ayton has made incredible strides over the last year, gaining confidence and skills that have made him an amazing prospect. If he keeps progressing he has a chance to a big time stud down the road.