Tuesday, April 2, 2013

AC Showcase 7th Grade Orange Division Championship Recap: Metro Sixers Conquer Atlantic City!

 Metro Sixers Are Champions

After finishing second in the Super Pool Metro Sixers revenged an earlier loss and defeated DC Assault 54-51 to win the AC Showcase 7th Grade Orange Division Championship. This was a heavy weight boxing bout all the way through. Shout out to both teams for a great show. 

Metro Sixers coach Aaron Dread was pleased with his team’s performance, “As an organization we were happy to be invited to participate in such a highly competitive tournament. We battled some of the best teams and extremely talented players on our road to the championship. We were proud our guys stuck together through some adversity and were able to close out an outstanding weekend” he finished. 

Stay tuned as Basketball Spotlight brings you more coverage of the exciting AC Showcase.