Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Basketball Spotlight 5th Grade 3rd Quarter Report


Now that the AC Showcase is in the books. We have prepared our 3rd Quarter Report. The next stop on the Road to the Grand Finale is the MDC. 

Basketball Spotlight 5th Grade 3rd Quarter Report 

Team To Beat: NYC Gauchos 
It’s simple; they entered two Spotlight tournaments and took pictures with two banners. When strike fear in opposing teams like the Choz of yester year. Right now they are the favored to win the Grand Finale crown. 

Surprise Team: RIP City 
The PA squad showed serious moxie by making it to the AC Showcase final four in their first Spotlight event of the year. I thought they would be a little rusty for the competition but they proved me wrong

Darkhorse: Team Glory 
Winning the PV Championship shows this team can get things down on the 5th Grade level. They are capable of showing up at the Grand Finale and taking home the championship. 

Player Of The Year Leading Candidate: Zion Harmon (Team Glory) 
The 4th Grader might be the first player in Spotlight history to win POY for an older age but it is what it is. The combo guard plays better when the stage is bright and right now few can argue with his success. 

Coach Of The Year Leading Candidate: Tommie Swinton (Gauchos) 
Swinton brought his troops to the shark infested AC Showcase and had them swim through like Olympic champions. His hardnosed approach keeps his young boys focused in the task ahead.