Monday, April 8, 2013

Inside The AC Showcase 8th Grade

Team IZOD Handled AC 

The 8th Grade Division of the AC Showcase wrapped up in impressive fashion. It was only fitting that a game winner shot decided the championship. Here’s an inside look at this age group and the All Tournament Team. 

Team IZOD Making Their Move? 
In the beginning if the season I said I felt Team IZOD/St. Michaels has enough experienced players to make a run for the Grand Finale crown. They have been one of the hottest teams on the circuit as of late and have thrown themselves deep into the final four run. A good showing at the MDC should have them making the trip to Trenton Catholic on Sunday, June 16th. 

New Champion Guaranteed! 
Since Team Final didn’t attend the AC Showcase it’s impossible for them to return to the Grand Finale final four and defend their title. Now they door is open for the likes of CBC, Playaz, Team IZOD, Black Mambas, Team Nelson and MCB Elite. The smoke will definitely clear after the Memorial Day Classic. 

AC Showcase 8th Grade All Tournament Team 
Trevon Duval (Team IZOD) 
Khalif Crawford (Team IZOD) 
Kimani Foster (Team IZOD) 
Ray Cortes (Team IZOD) 
Patrick Paul Person (Milbank) 
Sid Wilson (Milbank) 
Mohammad Bamba (Milbank) 
Pedro Marquez (Milbank) 
Ja’quaye James (Milbank) 
Jaecee Martin (CBC) 
Chaylynn Martin (CBC) 
Aaron Clarke (CBC) 
Jared Simmons (CBC) 
Lonnie Walker (MCB Elite) 
Lance Ford (MCB Elite) 
Eric Doughtery (MCB Elite) 
Ryan Cuthbert (MCB Elite)