Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Inside AC Showcase 5th Grade

Gauchos Back On Top 

The 5th Grade Division of the AC Showcase gave us a look into the future. We see some top ballers on the horizon. Here’s a look inside this age group and the All Tournament Team. 

Gauchos Mean Business!
The Gauchos returned to Basketball Spotlight by running through the AC Showcase. They knocked off some pretty tough competition in their quest for the championship. There’s no denying that they are leading the race to take that Grand Finale Banner back to the Bronx and hang it in the in their home gym. 

5 Teams 4 Spots 
The Grand Finale final four is a five team race as we enter the last leg. The Gauchos, CJ Hawks, Team Glory, Team Phenom and Team Takeover all have a shot to advance to Trenton Catholic on June 15th. 

AC Showcase 5th Grade All Tournament Team 
Rodney Bailey (Gauchos) 
Robert Davis (Gauchos) 
Damarcus Watson (Gauchos) 
Jeremiah Anderson (Gauchos) 
Jeremy Roach (Leesburg) 
Charles Harris (Leesburg) 
Will Paige (Leesburg) 
Jared Cross (Leesburg) 
Canin Reynolds (Team Takeover) 
Ishmael Leggett (Team Takeover) 
Mike Forbes (Team Takeover) 
Bray Freeman (Team Takeover) 
Rahdir Hicks (RIP City) 
Anthony Wrightley (RIP City) 
Jameer Brickus (RIP City) 
Andrew King (RIP City)