Thursday, April 25, 2013

Melton's Mailbag: 7th Grade Nats, Harge, and More


The Melton Mailbag will contain 4 questions from you the fans that we will post and answer on our page. We will pick the four questions we feel are the best. To send questions to Melton Mailbag email me at

                       Sam From Memphis, TN wrote: Mike I can’t wait for the AAU 7th Grade Nationals this summer, I know you saw most of the top teams. Who is your pick to win it all? 

MM: Well, Sam I have seen some of the top teams from this age group including DC Assault, We All Can Go All Stars, Georgia United and Kentucky Spiece. But in my honest opinion, I really think Team IZOD AKA “Supreme Team” has a chance to cut down the net. They have only lost a few games this year and were never at full strength in those losses including a two point loss to DCA. I think WACG will be a totally different team without the services of Marvin Bagley. Some might think I’m being biased but I really can see them winning it all. 

Paul From Salisbury, NC wrote: Mike, how good is Damon Harge? I see him ranked high and even #1 on a few sites? 

MM: Paul, I believe Harge is a very talented point guard. He exhibits the skills and speed to be an elite recruit one day. In terms of his ranking it’s kind of tough to gauge because I haven’t seen him play much against his class therefore it’s tough to see where he falls. But I think he will land in the top 25 of most list.

               Bradford From Eastern, PA wrote: Mike how do you explain the Northeast 6th Grade Teams not having any success during the first session of the new national youth league? 

MM: Bradford, I think they are playing at a disadvantage because most of the other teams are pulling players from a larger market. I think if it was maybe two teams from the Northeast instead of six the teams would be stronger and match up better. 

June From Dover, DE wrote: Mike MCB Elite has been balling recently and still haven’t cracked your top 10. Can you explain this? 
MM: June I do see the success of MCB Elite and they made some noise at the AC Showcase. If they have another good showing at the MDC they have a great chance of cracking the Top 10.