Monday, April 8, 2013

Inside AC Showcase 7th Grade

Metro Sixers Were All Smiles In AC

The 7th Grade Division of the AC Showcase was some of the best basketball we’ve seen at Basketball Spotlight. Here’s an inside look at this age group and the All Tournament Team. 

Metro Sixers Make Statement! 
Metro Sixers came close to winning a few Spotlight tournaments but saved their best showing for our most loaded event. They played some of the best teams in the region including National Champions DC Assault and left with the crown. Now they are in position to make a run at the Grand Finale Final Four. 

Grand Finale Race Still Unclear! 
After two teams forfeited their Grand Finale points the race has become even more wide opened. Metro Sixers are currently the #1 seed with Wall 2 Wall right on their heels. The MDC is around the corner therefore we will see how things shape up after we leave Neptune. 

AC Showcase 7th Grade All Tournament Team 
Brandon Slater Guard (Metro Sixers) 
Myles Dread Forward (Metro Sixers) 
Brandon Madison Guard (Metro Sixers) 
Justin Moore Guard (Metro Sixers) 
Anthony Harris (Metro Sixers)
Prentiss Hubb Jr. Guard (DC Assault)
Jared Bynum Guard (DC Assault)
DMarco Baucom Forward (DC Assault)
Shariff Kenny Forward (DC Assault)
Luther Muhammad (Team IZOD) 
Jalen Brooks (Team IZOD) 
Tyrek Chambers (Team IZOD)
Donelle Holly (Philly Pride)
Fonatine Wesley (Philly Pride)