Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade 3rd Quarter Report


Now that the AC Showcase is in the books. We have prepared our 3rd Quarter Report. The next stop on the Road to the Grand Finale is the MDC. 

Basketball Spotlight 7th Grade 3rd Quarter Report 

Team To Beat: Metro Sixers 
They have a MIT and AC Showcase title under their belt and frankly they are the team everyone hates to play. They will make things very interesting for the Grand Finale final four. 

Surprise Team: Philly Pride 
After winning the AC Showcase 7th Grade Blue Division crown the Pride resembles the Wall 2 Wall crew of last year. Now they will make their Orange division debut at the MDC. This is where things get real. 

Darkhorse: Team IZOD 
If the “Supreme Team” was full strength they probably would have added a few more titles. The Grand Finale is 60 days away which gives them time to lick their wounds and give it a run for the crown. 

Player Of The Year Leading Candidate: Brandon Slater (Metro Sixers) 
Slater made his move for the trophy by winning the MVP of the MIT and leading his squad to the AC Showcase crown. The lefty has proven to be a fluid scorer and big game performer. 

Coach Of The Year Leading Candidate: Aaron Dread (Metro Sixers)
Dread’s concept of team first has his boys winning some big tournaments. He presses the right buttons and remains calm when coaching on the sidelines. His team inherits his demeanor and never panics on the floor.