Thursday, April 4, 2013

AC Showcase 7th Grade Top Performers Part 1

Myles Dread (Metro Sixers)

The 7th Grade Division was our best ever and featured our first Super Pool. Each game in the Super Pool was a joy to watch and came down to the wire. Here’s our first look at the top performers from this age group. 

AC Showcase 7th Grade Top Performers Part 1 

Myles Dread Forward (Metro Sixers)- A lot of the Sixers success comes from players sacrificing their game for the good of the squad and no one amplifies this more than Dread. Myles is capable of scoring more but he rather rebound, play defense and make the extra pass. His versatility will always make him a scoring threat but it also helps him impact the game in so many other ways. 

Brandon Slater Guard (Metro Sixers)- Slater made his statement for POY honors this past weekend. He has to be one of the best finishers on the circuit. The lefty looked fluid in transition and also tickled the twine from deep. Once his in between game comes together including a mid range pull up, the offensive package could be complete. 

Brandon Madison Guard (Metro Sixers)- I like the transition Madison has made to the guard spot. He looked comfortable handling the rock and making decisions. He still used his powerful build to make things happen in the open floor and on the defensive end. He fit in great with this club. 

Justin Moore Guard (Metro Sixers)- Moore is one of the most polished point guards in the region. He does a good job when taking care of the pill and isn’t afraid to take the big shot especially from the corner. He posted 12 big points in the finals. 

Prentiss Hubb Jr. Guard (DC Assault)- Hubb is a steady as they come. The lefty showed great poise and confident in his shot all weekend. When several teams had the National Champs on the ropes Prentiss would calm them down with a pull up or trey ball from deep. He has ice water in his veins. 

Jared Bynum Guard (DC Assault)- The operator of this DCA machine I an extension on the coach on the floor. He does a great job on getting the rock to all the scorers and even taking the big shot when needed as he did while making the winning bucket against Team IZOD. 

DMarco Baucom Forward (DC Assault)- When Baucom had it going this weekend he looked very dominant. The problem is many forget how young he is and expect him to play at this intensity for the full game. The versatility and talent is definitely there and hopefully the motor will catch up soon. He averaged close to 14 points per game and it looked easy at times. 

Shariff Kenny Forward (DC Assault)- At times Kenny looked liked the best prospect in the building. He has lost the stocky build and has stretched to close to 6’5. His new physique gives him the quickness and ability to play the game at a higher level. I was truly impressed with his play.