Saturday, April 6, 2013

AC Showcase 6th Grade Top Performers Part 1

Chris Allen (Team Nelson)

The 6th Grade Division of the AC Showcase was exciting as usual. Here’s our first look at the top performers in this event. 

AC Showcase 6th Grade Top Performers Part 1 

Chris Allen Guard (Team Nelson)- Allen definitely brought his A game this weekend and this was even more obvious in the finals. He drained 5 treys in the second half while finishing with 19 points. He also pumped in 26 points in their semifinal win over Team IZOD. His stroke looked very pure in Atlantic City and he performed like the best 6th Grader in the building. 

Mark Bradshaw Guard (Team Nelson)- Bradshaw also got things going in the finals. He knocked down 3 treys while ending the game with 14 points. He still has the ability to score in bunches. He’s one of the best scorers in the region. 

Hakim Byrd Guard (Team Nelson)- The pint size floor general really stepped up in Atlantic City. He handles the rock with supreme confidence and was difficult to guard once he got going. His quickness and toughness definitely stand out. 

Tyler Brelsford Guard (ETU Select)- It was Tyler’s play in the semifinals that propelled ETU into the championship. He hit 3 treys and finished with 16 points in their victory against a stubborn Metro Flyers team. 

Tyrese Jenkins Forward (ETU Select)- Jenkins found his scoring groove in the finals with some silky moves on the post. I like his footwork and soft touch around the basket. He understands his role on the team and plays it well. 

Terrence Williams Forward (ETU Select)- “Big Smoove” also had a solid semifinal game. I like how he does a little bit of everything. He helps with ball handling, makes some good passes and can score the pill.