Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coaches Corner: Topic #1 Players Bouncing


Basketball Spotlight understands one of the toughest jobs in this youth basketball is being an AAU coach. It’s definitely a labor of love because many coaches log long hours while dedicating time and sometimes money to their team’s success. Therefore we decided to bring back Coaches Corner so these guys could have a forum to express their opinions on several matters. 

Topic #1 
How does it feel when a player you have developed over the years decides to leave your program for another squad? 

Chuck Rockmore (Coach Wall 2 Wall 7th Grade) 
“After you put in time and hard work, it feels like getting punched in the face by Mike Tyson.” 

Franz Pierre Louis (Former Coach IZOD) 
“I truly don’t have a problem when a player believes it’s time to leave the nest. Sometimes it’s important for their maturation process. My advice to many families is just don’t burn bridges because the basketball community is very small and you never know who can help or hurt your child in the future.” 

Robert Turner (Coach ECE 7th Grade) 
“When it happens the first time, it’s painful and catches you off guard because it’s normally your very best player. After being in the AAU world for a while you realize it’s a part of the game. In the end you hope and pray it’s not just all about basketball and the new situation helps the player development into a better person as well.” 

Terrence “Munch” Williams (Coach Team Scan) 
“It feels like the player never understood the larger picture and the program’s goal of getting him a free education has now ended.” 

Joe Stein (Coach Jersey Force 7th Grade) 
“It’s a feeling of betrayal that stings deep, you put all that time into them on and off the floor. You make him a better player and person for someone else.” 

Mike Richardson (Coach Playtime 4th Grade) 
“I never give it a thought because it happens so often but it hurts to see a kid p leave before you are done teaching and developing him.” 

Reggie Hatchett (Coach CBC 8th Grade) 
“I feel bad when a kid leaves for adult reasons. I hate when politics affect what kids do. Wish we could keep kids separate for those types of issues.”